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“LAX” / “Take A Hike” from LOST

Released on Mutant Records, June 28, 2024

Vinyl EP

Earlier this year, Mutant joined our friend Michael Giacchino in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the hit television series LOST in Oahu, where the show filmed two decades earlier.

We thought, what better place than the island itself than to debut a brand new, limited edition LOST-inspired single – LAX – a newly recorded, re-imagined theme from the show by Michael Giacchino himself.

The single is the beginning of an on-going series that will kick off in earnest this summer (stay tuned for more information).

The physical edition features “Take A Hike” as a B-Side, and is limited to 250 copies.

Side A LAX (from ‘LOST’)
Side B Take A Hike (from ‘LOST’)

Buy the Vinyl EP and Digital Audio here!