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“Married Life” from UP / “Enterprising Young Men” from STAR TREK

Released on Mutant Records, June 28, 2024

Vinyl EP

Mutant, in partnership with Little Jacket Industries, are proud to present an all new limited edition 7-inch single from Academy Award® winning composer Michael Giacchino in celebration of the 15th anniversaries of two iconic 2009 films – UP, and STAR TREK (2009).

On this latest release, Michael has taken two of his most famous film themes Married Life (from ‘Up’) and Enterprising Young Men (from ‘Star Trek’) and newly reimagined them in the style affectionately known as Exotica.

This 7-inch single features these two classic themes with all new instrumentation and pressed on one of two super limited colorways – Sky Blue and Pink and Yellow split (each limited to 250 units),

Buy the Sky Blue Vinyl EP and Digital Audio here!

Buy the Pink and Yellow Split Vinyl EP and Digital Audio here!